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Homebound Criteria

In order to receive home care as a Medicare benefit, the patient must be homebound. In most cases this means that the patient will need the help of another person in order to leave the home. In addition, there must be a medical necessity for the services provided, and the services must be given under a physician’s Plan of Care.

Homebound criteria as per the Medicare regulations does not mean that the patient must be “bedbound”.








If a patient has an illness or injury and a normal inability to leave the home or it is a taxing effort to leave their home, they may qualify. A patient is considered homebound if it is a taxing effort to leave their home and they have any of the following:

• Open Wound
• Weakness of Extremities
• Poor Coordination and Balance
• Unable to Ambulate Without Assistance
• Poor Endurance
• Requires Assistance for Activities
• Decreased Cognitive Function
• Shortness of Breath
• Contractures
• Activity Intolerant
• Unsteady Gait
• Hemiparesis
• Dizziness or Vertigo
• Blindness

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